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Coupon codes & e-commerce: what strategy to adopt to be profitable?


The coupon codes, also known as coupons or simply the couponing is clearly preferred by consumers online during their buying process. Indeed, the fact of benefiting from a reduction sometimes "unexpec

Customer Retention Tactics for E-Commerce Businesses


In the current scenario, e-commerce business is very competitive. In order to get new customers, you have to do advertisements and do many expenditures. Moreover, there is no guaranty of getting new c



Every week, new merchant sites from established companies and start-ups compete for market share. In the light of a competition that is intensifying from week to week, you need to find a way to attrac

Take care when shopping with special offers and double packs


Many stores have items advertised as special offers. Thinking and calculating must begin already. Everything that has been made cheaper does not necessarily have to be cheaper

Effective & Sensible Ways to Save Money


Because there are no small savings, OffersCouponsDeals has set up a smart guide to help all online consumers spend less on their purchases. Whether for your fashion and beauty items, for food and dome

5 good reasons to conduct a market study


How can a market research come to help your small business?Market research is one of those little things that self-entrepreneurs need to know how to do - but often find themselves at the end of the li

6 ways to verify that your business and your marketing are focused on your customers


How do you go about staying focused on your customers? To be successful today, you can no longer water your audience with messages focused solely on your business. They will not only fall flat, but th

How to take advantage of Google My Business


After having cardboard in the United States, Google's My Business is becoming unavoidable in India ... This free service, aimed at local businesses, allows traders to make themselves known in their ge

Make this holi more joyful with great offers online


Holi is just around the corner. And this time holi is on the weekend so online stores are yet again preparing to announce attractive and enticing offers and discounts for the consumers.Popular e-comme

How to set up a sponsorship system that works?


92% of consumers favor the recommendations of their relatives, before any other marketing channel (according to a Nielsen study). That's the point of sponsorship programs: they make your customers you

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