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Cheapest GoDaddy Web Hosting Plan for Wordpress


Managed WordPressWordPress Hosting made simple — and blazing fastWe handle the hosting setup and management dirty work so you can focus on creating an amazing website.Why WordPress?WordPress is the

How to choose your Internet provider?


Would you like to subscribe to an Internet access offer for your home? Television, telephone, very high speed ... Several formulas at different rates are offered by Internet providers. How to compare



Organizations around the world are eager to begin their digital transformation and embrace the cloud. This transition will allow them to improve their operational flexibility, but it also entails

How to create a development environment for WordPress


In this article, you will discover how to work on a WordPress site in a development environment.When redesigning a WordPress site, it is useful to be able to work on a copy of the site with a similar

Your WordPress site is not yet in https? Here's how to activate it


The major challenge of a professional emailing solution is deliverability. What is the point of spending valuable time preparing a newsletter if your subscribers do not receive it? This is why it is e

Got any tips on finding a good domain name?


> Make it easy to remember. This is why many businesses get domains with their business names in them. Some people – including Bob Parsons – even choose their business name after they have

How to modernize your website?


How to modernize your website instead of changing it?If you dream of bringing your website up to date, but you do not have the budget, no problem! Simply make the following changes and your website wi

Virtual Private Server Or Dedicated Server


If you own a business and planning to setup a website, you got many web hosting options ranging from shared hosting to VPS and dedicated server hosting. But if a website is having heavy traffic and is

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