-commerce: Who pays the price of free shipping?


Free shipping, offered by leading pure e-commerce players to dominate the market, forces others to align with this model to stay in the competition. Delivery, which has no name for free, loses its

Coupon codes & e-commerce: what strategy to adopt to be profitable?


The coupon codes, also known as coupons or simply the couponing is clearly preferred by consumers online during their buying process. Indeed, the fact of benefiting from a reduction sometimes "unexpec

7 tips to boost your creativity in less than 10 minutes


Regardless of your profession, you must, sooner or later, face the lack of inspiration. Know that there are very simple ways to boost your creativity in less than 10 minutes! 1. Move around! When

Which cities to visit during your stay in Italy?


While the cold settles in our streets, interferes in our house and shakes all the bones of our body, we dream to escape the greyness. A romantic getaway, family weekend, cultural trip or solitary mome

Take care when shopping with special offers


Many stores have items advertised as special offers. Thinking and calculating must begin already. Everything that has been made cheaper does not necessarily have to be cheaper. There are many examples

October Movie Review


Critic's Rating: 4.0/5 LESS IS MORE IN THIS STORY ABOUT LOVE OCTOBER STORY: Dan (Varun Dhawan), a student of hotel management is an intern at a top hotel in Delhi along with his batch mates. An

Clever Shopping In The Supermarket As A Housewife


The weekly shopping is again torture and in the end was again too expensive and above all bought too much. How can one bypass this particular procedure. Quite simply with a few additional tips. The ho

Is it dangerous to go alone on a trip?


When you are single and it is impossible for us to go on holiday with friends or family because of incompatible schedules, all that's left to do is organize your solo trip for the best of manners.

How to store your jewelry?


Storing your jewelry becomes very quickly a nightmare when they accumulate and if there is not a minimum of organization. But do not panic, we bring you lots of good ideas to remedy this! Little tr

How to relieve heavy legs?


Venous insufficiency, poor blood circulation, we can all have heavy legs. But if the problem becomes recurring and heavy legs are not just a passing sensation, you may end up with varicose veins or ev

Customer Retention Tactics for E-Commerce Businesses


In the current scenario, e-commerce business is very competitive. In order to get new customers, you have to do advertisements and do many expenditures. Moreover, there is no guaranty of getting new c



Every week, new merchant sites from established companies and start-ups compete for market share. In the light of a competition that is intensifying from week to week, you need to find a way to attrac

How to save when you have a small salary?


It is often wrongly thought that a small wage or a minimum wage will not allow us to fulfill our dreams. Indeed, many of us are content to receive it and live from day to day. All while maintaining a

Take care when shopping with special offers and double packs


Many stores have items advertised as special offers. Thinking and calculating must begin already. Everything that has been made cheaper does not necessarily have to be cheaper

9 saving tips when shopping in the supermarket


Especially in this day and age, it is important to save when shopping in the supermarket. For families, food is the second largest monthly expenditure, and there is great potential for savings here. E

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